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What People Say

About My Coaching

”I came to Angelo at a point in my business where things were becoming almost chaos. I went in thinking he would solve all my problems and give me all the answers…much to my surprise, it did not work that way at all. Sitting across from Angelo, he asked me questions that allowed me to actually think and solve my own business and family issues! It was almost liberating at the end, knowing I solved my own issues. Angelo was calm and helped me understand the answers were within myself!! I honestly think that this 30 minute session has changed my life and has put my business in the right direction.”

Sabrina Notte – Owner of Dejavu Modeling

About My Speaking

”Angelo lit up the stage on May 10th, 2016 during BWB Storytelling Tuesday when he shared one of his amazing stories. He captured the audiences full attention and we all were all inspired with the message he shared with us. I know I personally walked away viewing life a little differently, to be free and to fully go with the flow. I throughly enjoyed Angelo’s speaking style and his command of the room. I would gladly have him be a storyteller or speaker at one of my future events.”

Shawna McCrea – Owner of Balance Wellbeing Inc

About My Workshop

”My colleague and I attended a Full day ‘Power of the Mind and Heart’ Workshop with Angelo and Dirk at the Joy of Living Centre in Kelowna. What a fabulous day! We both felt extremely comfortable in the setting and with the presenters. I felt that they really cared about us as individuals and our needs. We were left with a great sense of peace and a renewed feeling of self worth! I was so impressed that I am considering a full weekend retreat for our staff at the beautiful peaceful setting with two great leaders in obtaining a meaningful balanced life. Thank you gentlemen!”

Jan Lipscombe – Executive Director ONTEH 

About My Workshop

”The usual format of workshops is to hear a message, a viewpoint, sometimes the messages come complete with a marketing perspective, a conclusion that this is the highway and therefore…….., this time I was treated to an experience, a sharing and an opportunity to choose, a freedom to understand, exchange thoughts and feel truths revealed. The gift was in the free flowing sharing. The freedom to embrace the concepts of free will in our choices while in tune with the divine light.”

Elroy Karius

About My Workshop

”I felt honored and inspired by participating in today’s workshop. Congratulations with this beautiful and official step into a new adventure. I’m happy I can be part of it. I have witnessed you have something beautiful to share, and I can only support that. We’re all one, it’s that simple!”

Dirk Terpstra – Founder Soul Love

About 'Journey Into The Soul'

”If you are seeking a path to explore your spirituality, you won’t want to miss reading this. Angelo is a wise soul who humbly shares his journey as he creates space for us to explore our own. God speaks to us through this book in a way that is easy to understand while being both enlightening, and insightful. Beautiful dialogue, and relevant for those of any faith. This book will change your life or least your understanding of life.”

Troy Payne, Bestselling Author of ‘The Road To Resilience’

About 'Journey Into The Soul'

”Having never before read a book on spirituality, I was surprised by how this book moved me. It is wonderfully written and uses relatable and poignant real life experiences that engage the mind and capture the heart. The metaphors are beautiful, and the dialogues between you and Michael are both honest and evocative. I felt completely included on your remarkable and thought provoking journey, as well as overwhelmed at times by the emotional response it created in me. This book is contemplative and uplifting and a complete gift to anyone interested in spiritual exploration.”

Petra Bauer

About 'Journey Into The Soul'

”Journey into the Soul’ is a beautifully written story about self exploration and recognizing the great gifts life presents to us. Angelo masterfully crafts an enlightening dialogue between him and his soul, which becomes a very personal and vulnerable experience of course. Angelo’s wisdom will leave no one untouched!”

Dirk Terpstra – Founder Soul Love

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